ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Projection Screen Back in Stock!

The ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Projection Screen is now Back in Stock!

Just $219 and Free Shipping, the Ultimate Portable Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen can be yours!

Perfect for Backyard Movie Night, Pre-Season NFL, your Draft Party, Every Big Game in College and NFL coming up!

Dont miss out on this extremely popular screen!  One-piece, Fast fold assembly method frame, snap on material that is highly elastic, UV protected, and easy to clean!

Ultimate Portable Indoor/Outdoor Screen

Sets up in minutes, the ProjectoScreen120HD is perfect for all your needs, at home, in the office, or on the go!

The ProjectoScreen120HD is even great in the office for events…like the World Cup… trust me – we had a blast!

Ultimate Portable Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen

The ProjectoScreen is even great in the office for a World Cup match!

What awesome event will you use your new portable screen for?


Optoma HD91 Home Theater Projector

We had a chance to demo the Optoma HD91 Home Theater Projector in house briefly this week.Let me just start by saying, its beautiful.  Your love of it will depend on that rainbow effect that is common with DLP projectors such as this, but overall it was very nice.

We have a copy of one of my all time favorite movies here we use for demos – I’m hoping you recognize Iron Man, but if you haven’t seen it (like some of my coworkers…seriously…) there will be no spoilers here, just a couple stills of different scenes.

Optoma HD91

This is the blu-ray menu – very bright and all the action just pops


Optoma HD91

One of my favorite scenes, not the most dynamic visually, but the brightness of the dessert behind Tony looked nice – for 1000 lumens, this little LED projector does a great job.

Optoma HD91

A really good pivotal point in the plot, but a very good example of the dark levels and the 500,000:1 contrast ratio of the Optoma HD91 handled it very well.

Optoma HD91

Overall this is a very good projector!  If you have issues with the rainbows, then it may not be for you.  But for a mid range home theater, it performs nicely with a quiet fan and a bright image.  You would have to determine if LED is for you versus an LCD projector that would require potentially multiple lamp replacements. But, if it means anything, I would watch Iron Man again right now if I didn’t have to get back to work :)   Please remember, I am not an AV expert in respects to a full comprehensive review, I leave that to our friends at Projector Reviews and Projector Central.  But when we get the chance to see a product, its nice to put out some thoughts. Till next time –M

Summer Specials on Top Projectors

Have you seen the latest up for grabs on our specials page?  We have some great summer specials on top projectors.

We have added a few new models here and some new specials to get you ready for summer entertainment!

We have great prices on the top Home Theater and Business models, as well as free shipping!

Don’t forget to check out our outdoor screens – the ProjectoScreen models can be used outdoors for backyard movie nights or indoors for home theater or presentations on the go.


Epson 2030 Special Promo

One of the newest and hottest priced Home Theater Projectors of the season, the Epson 2030 has a new promo available.

Epson 2030

Epson Home Cinema 2030 Projector

For a limited time purchase the Epson 2030 from Visual Apex and receive a FREE $125 Visa Gift Card, as well as a FREE Ceiling Mount and a FREE Disney WoW Calibration Disc!

WOW is right! This is probably the best deal yet for this projector.

Partnered with a 10% off code on Vapex Screens (use ‘vapex10′ at checkout) your holiday shopping is done!

Epson 2030

Epson Home Cinema 2030

Epson 2030

Fixed Frame from 92″ – 135″ diagonal

Epson 2030

Vapex Standard and Tensioned Electric Screens from 92′ – 120″

We had an Epson 2030 in house we demoed and I even took it home to try out in our home theater, and it is packed full of options making it a really great little projector for the price!

Get this deal before its gone!

- M

Black Friday Projector Deals

Its almost time… Black Friday Projector Deals will be announced soon!

Keep an eye out for more details and definitely bookmark this page to stay updated!

Black Friday Projector Deals

Epson 5030

Get ready to start shopping!

Black Friday Projector Deals


Make your lists now!

As the Black Friday specials come in from the manufacturer we will be adding them to this page and marking them throughout the site, so watch this page for changes and check back often!

Black Friday Projector Deals are coming soon – and we think you’ll like what you see!