How to change a projector lamp

Is it that time already?  You’ve enjoyed dozens of movies and hour after hour of television shows, but its time to replace your projector lamp!  Do you know how to change a projector lamp?  If this was your first projector, you may be asking yourself, How do i change a projector lamp?  And what does this lamp even look like?

Well, if its the standard manufacturer lamp that is recommended for your projector, it should come ready to install from either the manufacturer, or a company selling the original manufacturer models (like Visual Apex!).  Models can vary by projector model and manufacturer, but it should look something like one of these –





If you find a deal that looks too good to be true on the price, it might be.  There are “model equivalent” lamps out there that will save you a lot, but they are not recommended by the manfacturers.  And i’ve seen some that need to be assembled when you get them! …maybe its just me, but that sounds like more work then i want to put in to this.  When movie night is on the line, i want to know that i can quickly change the projector lamp and get back to the action!

But seriously, how do you change a projector lamp?  Not having done it much myself yet, i rely on help from those who have, and this handy video!

Yes, you are in luck!  We at Visual Apex a couple years ago, created a step by step video guide to help you with this process 🙂 … you can find it on you tube, but here is the link on our lamps page –

Happy lamp changing!  and remember that its always a good idea to have a spare on hand 🙂 you dont want to be in the middle of the big game and have the lamp go out – that doesnt make for a good party, and you may not live down the teasing later either… trust me, our friends definately wouldnt let us forget it 🙂

So find your lamp today and get a spare 🙂 and when it arrives, give the video a look and you should then know how to change a projector lamp.

See you next time!   -M

Which HDMI cable is right for me?

So, after a long process of research and pricing you finally decided on the right projector and screen for your needs.  But what about connecting the projector to you sound system, cable box or blu-ray player? Whats this HDMI cable that people are talking about?

Epson Home Cinema 5010

Epson Home Cinema 5010

You probably already knew you needed an HDMI cable to handle this job (among a few other things, but thats another story!).  But which one should you get? Honestly, until some recent research on the cables we carry at Visual Apex I really didnt know the difference either.  I knew we had a couple different types based on installation type and whether they could handle 3D or not, but that was about as far as I got. So if we sell them and I’m a little confused why there are multiple choices, then others might be to!

25Ft HDMI Cable

25Ft HDMI Cable

Now, I can tell you this –

We mainly carry what has been known as “version 1.4” or High Speed HDMI with Ethernet.  This means the cable can handle video resolutions of 1080p and above.  This means if you are looking to get the latest and greatest HDMI cable that will be right for you now and handle the next update to 4K display technology, you are covered!

As with any technology, this is of course subject to change once 4K really takes off, but for now, as far as we know our High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet (v1.4) will be able handle this.

Why this version of HDMI cable though?  As mentioned, technology is always evolving, and so are the things we use to connect to that technology.  HDMI developers are always working to stay at or above what is out there, so the consumer has less interruption.  The Ethernet capability also means that you only have to connect your main device to your internet source and filter to your other devices from there, instead of connecting each device separately… if your devices support that… there’s always a catch 🙂

Not sure if the cable you are looking at is High Speed with Ethernet?  If you physically have it in your hands in a store, see if you can spot the tiny (really tiny!) wording printed on the cable.  It should say High Speed with Ethernet on it, along with the gauge and length.  If you are shopping online and unsure, make sure you contact the seller first! … or just purchase from Visual Apex since we’ve already done the legwork for you 🙂

If you arent interested in 3D or the jump to 4K down the line, then the Standard High Definition HDMI Cable (v1.3) would be sufficient for your needs.  However, they are harder to find since they are really being phased out.

Also, it is always good to check all your devices before purchasing any cables, to ensure you can connect them all!  Some of the older systems out there may not support HDMI, but if its still working and you dont want to replace it, try looking for an HDMI to component cable that would work with your existing system, but still connect to the new projector.

Hopefully this brief over view helps you make your decision – and go from confused


to enjoying those movies in your home theater!


See you next time!   -M

Home Theater Pictures

Round two of our quest to bring you more inspiration for your home theater by seeing what others have done!

You know we love seeing your home theater pictures.  We are collecting more everyday.

Love Lost in Space? How about Star Trek? Sci-fi in general?  Check our Don’s design! Panasonic Home theater projector and a 120″ screen. He went all out to design the perfect space feel for his room, complete with a star studded ceiling to make you feel at home…if you feel home should be in space 🙂 … either way, its cool!

lostinspace2 lostinspace4 lostinspace3 lostinspace1

How about this one from Ed – Panasonic home theater projector with a VApex 92″ Fixed Frame screen – simple but nicely done! Even the ceiling –


Do you have home theater pictures to share? Send them to us!  We are always looking for ideas to pass on, and love seeing the finished product of your hard work and dreams.

Lastly for today – David completed his home theater with an Epson projector and a VApex 106″ fixed frame screen.  …not only does this look comfy, the wall sconces add to the movie room feel.

home theater pictures     home theater pictures

Thats all for today for home theater pictures.  Keep sending us your pictures, and we’ll keep posting in between posts about our favorites movies, projectors and other av news and fun stuff to pass along.