Backyard movies? Now?


Backyard Movies Made Easy

Backyard movies?  In January? Its never to early to think about warmer weather here! Who doesn’t enjoy a get together with great friends, food and of course a movie! But Morgen, its January…. okay okay okay…. Yes, i know its January and most of the country is still freezing and even getting new layers of that pesky white stuff…. But there is a reason i prefer the West Coast now over my roots in the Midwest 🙂 There is a whole lot less of that stuff – and when we do get snow, my daughter gets to play in it for a day and then it melts away and we go back to being Evergreen 🙂

Is it still snowing where you live?  Are you done dreaming of snow and ready for warmer weather and being outdoors without ten layers on? Its not snowing in Washington State, but the grey rainy days make us dream of spring and summer and being dry outdoors again every day….

Have you been to Washington?  Those rainy days can last well into June here, so as soon as its dry and even partly sunny, we are opening up all the doors and windows for fresh air and grabbing our outdoor gear to hit the road.  We go to the beach, we go hiking, we go camping and of course, we watch movies!  One of us sets up our portable projectoscreen and stand and projector and the other gets the snacks and the family enjoys every minute. And you should too!  Just remember when the day is done, to make sure you look up at those stars and admire the beauty of this universe.

Ok, you convinced me…

Check out these bundles and be ready for when the mercury rises. Or hey, maybe you like watching movies in the snow? 🙂 no judgments here, just projectoscreens and backyard movie fun.

Come and check out our line up of portable projectoscreens and projectors and stand to make movie nights in your backyard the talk of the neighborhood. … and if the cold is still not your thing, the whole bundle can be set up indoors until things thaw out 🙂

until next time – Morgen

Spring Specials : BenQ HT1075 Home Theater Projector Special

When we’ve got great news, we share it, and this hot projector special is too good to keep to ourselves.

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The BenQ HT1075 Home Theater Projector Special

The BenQ HT1075 home theater projector is packed with capabilities – Currently on sale for $705! The HT1075 projector boasts a native full HD 1080p resolution so you can watch your favorite movies the way they were intended to be viewed.  The HT1075 home theater projector is packed with BenQ’s new-generation optional wireless projection capabilities, and side projection feature to give you 100″ of 1080p uncompressed Full HD fun wherever and however you like – no complex installations, tangled wires or remodeling costs. Plus, it’s as simple to use as any home appliance! *Wireless kit is optional

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Instant Backyard Home Theater

Add a great (and super affordable) outdoor projection screen and our new projector stand…bada bing bada boom – Instant backyard home theater for the ultimate family movie night.

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Hot New Product : Portable Projector Table Stand

portable projector table stand
Our customers asked and we responded: Announcing our new Portable Projector Table Stand – ONLY $99!

Visual Apex designed the Portable Projector Table Stand to meet the varying needs of customers, creating this super versatile, budget-friendly solution that’s sure to fill the gap for a wide variety of uses. Its lightweight and portable design provides maximum versatility. Telescoping, locking legs provide quick and easy set up everywhere from classrooms to conference rooms to your living room – even for outdoor events. It folds down into a convenient carry case for maximum portability and storage.

portable projector table stand

The Visual Apex Portable Projector Table Stand holds any home theater or business projector up to 44 pounds. The optional accessory shelf can hold small media players and/speakers up to 5 pounds for enhanced versatility and convenience.

projector table top stand all-in-one carry case

The All-in-One Carry Bag that is included with the new Projector Table Stand is also designed to expand and hold your projector and accessories so you have everything in one location.

A fantastic value at only $99 – the Visual Apex Portable Projector Table Stand is a must have for home theater and business projectors alike.

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A brief look at the Optoma WHD200 – HDMI Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

We received a demo unit of the new Optoma WHD200 HDMI Wireless Transmitter/Receiver this week, and I was able to take it home and give it a good home theater test.

First – the setup… We have multiple rooms and devices, but wanted to test it going from our main components in our family room upstairs, to our movie room downstairs.  The transmitter which has 2 HDMI “in” ports was connected upstairs to our AppleTV and our Cable Box.  The HDMI “out” port was then connected to the local TV upstairs.  This was so we could watch the same thing in both rooms at the same time, which is a plus as well as a downside depending on your situation, but more on that later.

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI


Downstairs is our Epson projector with a 120” Vapex screen and standard RCA audio receiver, blu-ray player setup.  The Optoma Receiver was set up with these components in our entertainment center and connected to our switcher which connects to the audio receiver which then outputs to the wireless transmitter connected to our projector.  Still with me? … it’s a lot of components but it works well for our setup, as our projector is ceiling mounted 10-12 feet away from our components and screen, and using the wireless transmitter allows us a cleaner looking setup.  Instead of being tied down to cable lengths and constantly looking at wires everywhere, we instead have the projector mounted to the ceiling and all the components are now happily together in the front of the room at the optimal remote location for the receiver and blu-ray player.

Ok, back to the Optoma wireless setup… The transmitter as I said was placed upstairs at our main viewing area and the receiver was placed downstairs – the signal had to travel not only through a floor but about 24-30 feet besides that to the receiver.  Now, the Optoma WHD200 does say it will transmit up to 100 feet, but with wireless networks and walls in the way, it can have interference – which we personally experienced with other similar wireless transmitters – so we were skeptical at the start.

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI

Now for the actual test… the household movie choice of the night was a throwback to the classics of the 80’s – The Blues Brothers.  We wanted to see if it would handle the quiet and louder scenes as well as speaking parts to musical numbers.  There was absolutely no problem or issue.  No latency that we could see – everything looked clean and the sound was right on, no delays – if you didn’t know better you would have thought we were watching a dvd/blu-ray right there downstairs.

One movie is never enough, and you have to please the toddler in the house as well – so the old favorite, Brave, came back out.  This is actually a great movie to test pretty much any home theater device on – animated films in general are good for that, but specifically we like Brave because it has lots of movement and incredible colors, so you can see pretty quickly if something is off.  And again, no issues, the entire wireless system performed beautifully.

Ok, more on setup and the device… the WHD200 comes with standard RF dongles to receive signals from your remotes etc.  The RF dongles stayed upstairs with our main components and we took our main Logitech remote downstairs with us to the WHD200 receiver to run content from the devices upstairs.  Again, we had no issues with receiving the signals or content playing.  Another little test we did was using one of our iphones as the remote for the AppleTV.  We were downstairs with the WHD200 receiver and the AppleTV is again upstairs with the transmitter.  Even using the iphone remote app didn’t have any delay in the signal or remote actions.  Impressed we were…

Overall, the WHD200 sets up easy, simple plug n play operation.  It is a great value retailing for $219 and with present technology and devices, works better than other similar products we have tested.  For us this means we don’t need to invest in another AppleTV for the movie room, or get a third cable box for that room – presently we were disconnecting one from upstairs for every get together and big game broadcast.  So a small one time investment will save us over time.  And yes, we are buying one for our house and should have it in time for the start of football season.

We also did an in house test here at the office with a blu-ray copy of Iron Man (a favorite for demos here) and again, no issues or latency – it performed beautifully.  You wouldn’t even know that the blu-ray player was not in the same room, or even on the same floor of the building.

We did not have a game console handy to test in either situation though for latency and delays, but if it performs this well normally, I doubt gamers will have too much trouble.

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI

Optoma WHD200 Wireless HDMI

Lastly, I did want to mention a surprise when turning off the devices.  A previously tested device had a 2 minute delay after the receiver shut off or went to sleep, and would cause the main unit to do a cycle as well, since it needs to move from a transmit state to a pass-through mode.  The delay actually caused us nightmares during sports because missing even a few seconds can mean you missed the biggest play of the game… I know – tragedies here…  but when turning off the WHD200 receiver, the transmitter cycle to pass-through mode lasted all of 5 seconds, maybe – it was quick!  I was sitting there jotting down notes to write up our review here and saw the TV screen go to blue while the transmitter cycled, and by the time I could say,  “Oh yea, the transmitter has to cycle” it was already done and the movie was playing again. Yes, still a small delay, but nothing like I expected.

If there is a minor complaint, it would be the bulky size of the ac adapter to plug into our power center.  Which is really not a complaint, since it was about the same size as most other units on the power center… but I wanted to point it out – its not a small plug in, so leave space for it 🙂

I did go back and ask Optoma about expansions and if they will be offering any – and at this time it looks as though they will not be selling expansion kits, but the unit is expandable.

Until next time –


The brand new Epson 2030 Home Cinema projector

Have you been keeping up with all the new models coming out?  How about the Epson 2030?  Just recently announced, the Epson 2030 is a new projector for their Home Entertainment line up.  We just so happened to have a Home Cinema 2030 in house this week – and I wanted to share some thoughts on it!

Keep in mind I am not an actual reviewer – we put our trust in real review professionals and our other friends for that 🙂 but I was so excited to see how this one performed.

We did have it set up to a competitor model to see the difference in specs etc. but im not going to mention what it was…

Here is it, setup in our demo room – nice and small, compact design –

The new Epson 2030

The new Epson 2030


The overall performance is great – it has different viewing modes and options for lamp brightness, and the menu was fairly easy to work through…

This picture was in Eco mode, and Cinema viewing – and look how bright it still is! (Image on the right)

Screenshot of Epson 2030

Screenshot of Epson 2030


Epson 2030 screen shot (right)

Epson 2030 screen shot (right)

Epson 2030 screen shot (right)

Epson 2030 screen shot (right)

So for $999 – you get 1080p, 2D and 3D viewing, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, and one of the latest features that I think is pretty cool – it works with MHL-enabled smartphones, tablets and streaming devices — for instant access to movies, videogames etc.

Now while I would mount this beauty to my ceiling in our movie room, im sure some would want something more portable – and the Epson 2030 would work nicely!  It weighs only 6 pounds!  Making it an easy choice to have at home or take on the road.

Overall, would I buy the Epson 2030? …Yes – in my opinion this is a great projector, not just for the price, but for what it brings to the table. In fact, I’m debating upgrading our current movie room after seeing it.  We’ll see – Christmas is coming 🙂 …but it might be nice for football season too… did you know that started this week? 🙂 … you’d have to living on Mars not to know football kicked off this week 🙂

Until next time – and as always, remember – friends don’t let friends watch football on tiny little TV’s!