Epson 5040UB Review

A closer look at the Epson 5040UB review.

Everyone’s talking about the incredible new Epson 5040UB home theater projector.  Based on the awesome functionality of it’s predecessor, the 5030UB, the 5040UB has some major improvements.  We set one up in our office and loved what we saw.  Here’s an overview of our Epson 5040UB review.

EPSON 5040UB review

Featuring 4K and HDR signals, our Epson 5040UB Review highlights the features that set this hot new projector apart:

  • Accepts 4K x 2K (via Pixel Shift) : Delivers a truly immersive, lifelike cinematic experience. This feature also enhances the 1080p signal for output that surpasses Full HD image quality on your screen.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) : HDR-compatible Epson projectors display an extremely wide range of brightness levels with extraordinary contrast for images bursting with real-life color.
  • Lens Memory along with the Powered zoom, focus, and lens shift : Cool feature that allows you to watch movies on a grander scale at the touch of a button, without any disruptive black bars.
  • Ability to accept HDMI 2.0a to take advantage of HDR technology.
  • Accepts HDCP2.2 Copy protection (This will be necessary as rumor has it that the new UHD Blu-Ray players will require this).
  • DCI Color Gamut (Wider range in the color space).

Add in great performance and image quality – You’ll want to see the projector to perform your own Epson 5040UB review.

Unsure if the Epson 5040UB is the right home theater projector for you? Give us a call, we’re happy to help answer any questions that you might have.

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