Great Movie Moments Some All Time Favorites from the past couple decades

Great Movie Moments, a topic we could debate for days! There are so many different great moments from so many great flicks!  The other day I was perusing a recent article on the Top 10 Great Comic Movies on Blu-ray and the top ten moments that make us love them so much –

although since Iron Man is my favorite, I think Mr Stark should be #1 not #4 🙂 but I do agree with their pick from The Avengers too, go Hulk! 🙂



This all got me thinking about other Great Movie Moments, my favorites and why we love them.

  • The action
  • The music
  • Maybe just the actors themselves
  • The story and how it captures us

We each have a different reason for our favorites. I have always been a movie “buff’ and our house proves it – we have close to 450 movies now on DVD/Bluray/Digital – and are slowly working on making the entire collection digital… but I digress… this is about our favorite great movie moments…well okay, my favorite great movie moments!

Being a child of the 80’s the movie that first grabbed me was Top Gun.  Yea, yea, say what you want but the opening flight deck sequence with Danger Zone blasting through the house got me every time. There are others, but that was always the favorite. (No wonder I married a guy in the Navy!)


The 90’s it was The Matrix. I mean come on, how could you not get excited first for when we get to see Neo become The One and take down Agent Smith or at the end when Neo hangs up the phone and flies away?


Now?  Well, I did just say Iron Man and by extension The Avengers are my favorites right? 🙂  Here are some very close seconds on my favorite list, and its an all encompassing list of all genres –

  • Transformers  – I really want Bumble Bee in my driveway, but my favorite moment is when Mikaela “insults” him and kicks them out of the car, then you see him come back as the drool worthy Camaro 🙂


  • Pirates of the Carribean – Jack Sparrow totally rocks, but the first time you see Barbossa in the moonlight? Fantastic, and probably the beginning of my interest in CGI


  • Oceans 11 – probably an odd addition to this list, but its my list :)…one of my favorite collaborations, but when they are all gathered at the fountain at the end, with Clair de Lune playing – I feel like im right there with them, the heist is over and we have millions of dollars 🙂

oceans 11

  • Star Wars – Do I even need to go into detail? …didnt think so 🙂


  • Singing in the Rain – again an odd addition! But I am beyond eclectic in my tastes… Gene Kelly dancing and skipping through puddles is just classic.


  • Rock of Ages – a newer, odd, 80’s revival – some of my favorite music, but tell me you didnt sing along to Dont Stop Believing at the end and you’re lying 🙂


There are plenty more, but this is a blog, not a book!

What do all these movies have in common though besides being on my favorites list?  They look amazing in my movie room!  It’s still in the finishing design processes – (meaning i have a lot of painting to do yet!) but even if its not a perfect room yet, any night is movie night in our house with our 100″ tensioned screen. Once you have kids your options for date night shrink down to “maybe we will get dinner” instead of dinner and a movie, so investing in our own home theater was definately a good call.

On a side note – this caught my eye the other day too – Acoustic Art!  How much more fun would those Great Movie Moments be with acoustic panels of your favorite movie posters!…might have to contact them for a price quote 🙂 … this could totally work for us!


Thanks for reading through my ramblings today – its fitting that all I can think about is great movie moments today since we are finally having that date night and going to see Iron Man 3 🙂 I hope this makes you think of some of your favorites and the great movie moments you will never forget!


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