Home Theater Pictures

Round two of our quest to bring you more inspiration for your home theater by seeing what others have done!

You know we love seeing your home theater pictures.  We are collecting more everyday.

Love Lost in Space? How about Star Trek? Sci-fi in general?  Check our Don’s design! Panasonic Home theater projector and a 120″ screen. He went all out to design the perfect space feel for his room, complete with a star studded ceiling to make you feel at home…if you feel home should be in space 🙂 … either way, its cool!

lostinspace2 lostinspace4 lostinspace3 lostinspace1

How about this one from Ed – Panasonic home theater projector with a VApex 92″ Fixed Frame screen – simple but nicely done! Even the ceiling –


Do you have home theater pictures to share? Send them to us!  We are always looking for ideas to pass on, and love seeing the finished product of your hard work and dreams.

Lastly for today – David completed his home theater with an Epson projector and a VApex 106″ fixed frame screen.  …not only does this look comfy, the wall sconces add to the movie room feel.

home theater pictures     home theater pictures

Thats all for today for home theater pictures.  Keep sending us your pictures, and we’ll keep posting in between posts about our favorites movies, projectors and other av news and fun stuff to pass along.


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