Home Theater Pictures

Well here we are again – its time for another installment of Home Theater Pictures from our customers and friends 🙂 …seeing everyone’s designs and creations is such a great part of what we do.  I love how different and unique everyone’s ideas are!

First up – something I think is pretty cool!  Brent built a 26 seat movie theater!  How do you get in?  Bring non-perishable food items for the local food bank!  He says “we’ve given them several hundreds of pounds of food.”  Nicely done!

26 seat Home Theater

Felix sent us this image – very well done room, simple and elegant 🙂 If you don’t have a separate dedicated space, or even if you do – you don’t have to make it elaborate down to every detail to be great!  …and I definitely want to curl up on that couch and watch a movie!

Comfy Home Theater

Already have a great TV for day to day shows and sports, but really want to get that big screen feel for movie night?  Check out Chris’ solution here – pretty cool way to have the best of both worlds 🙂  Another good option if you are short on space, but big on electronics 🙂

Best of both

But you have a full room to dedicate to your own theater you say?  Well great!  Check this out!  seriously – how awesome did Jerod do here? Pretty awesome – tiered seating and all – just like in your local theater! Its warm and cozy, but dark to make for a very enjoyable movie experience 🙂

Dark Awesome

Lastly for today – Carl – who sent us this pic of what looks and feels like a split room with a bar at one end and a theater at the other!  …I’m in!  I’m sure you could have kids along, but this could be a great adults only night for action movies with a good beer…and maybe some nachos 🙂

Bar and Theater

Alrighty – that’s it for home theater pictures today, more to come soon.  Have a safe holiday weekend everyone – and enjoy your movie time!

See you next time!   -M

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