Home Theater Pictures

Over the years we have received many pictures of completed Home Theater’s from our customers.

We love seeing pictures from our customers!  Its always fun to see the end result of a design process and to see how each unique space is used.

First, here are a couple of home theater pictures from previous customer JD and his home theater.  JD purchased the Epson 8700UB and one of our VApex Fixed Frame Screens. Here i really like how the screen itself is framed within the columns of their design.

JD_1 JD_2 JD_3

Next here are some home theater pictures from the Pierce Family who purchased the Epson 1080UB and an Elite Screen.  I personally like all the little touches to the room, especially the “step” to make the second row of seating higher.

Pierce_Family_1 Pierce_Family_4 Pierce_Family_6

More to come, as we have tons of pictures from our customers and friends! 🙂

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