Epson Home Cinema 5030UB Promos

Starting now and running through October 18th, purchase your Epson Home Cinema 5030UB or 5030UBe from Visual Apex and receive a FREE $200 VISA gift card by mail!

Seriously – did you really read that – a $200 Visa gift card, that you can use anywhere! With the holidays right around the corner, that could be pretty useful 🙂

Epson 5030

Epson 5030

And if that isnt enough to get you to finally upgrade or start your home theater – Epson has also added a FREE Spare Lamp via Mail in Rebate!  That is a $259 savings!

So what are you waiting for?  Call it an early Christmas present 🙂 At least go look at it and think about it …

Stay tuned for more great deals as we move into the greatest time of year 🙂

– M

Epson 2030 Special Promo

One of the newest and hottest priced Home Theater Projectors of the season, the Epson 2030 has a new promo available.

Epson 2030

Epson Home Cinema 2030 Projector

For a limited time purchase the Epson 2030 from Visual Apex and receive a FREE $125 Visa Gift Card, as well as a FREE Ceiling Mount and a FREE Disney WoW Calibration Disc!

WOW is right! This is probably the best deal yet for this projector.

Partnered with a 10% off code on Vapex Screens (use ‘vapex10’ at checkout) your holiday shopping is done!

Epson 2030

Epson Home Cinema 2030

Epson 2030

Fixed Frame from 92″ – 135″ diagonal

Epson 2030

Vapex Standard and Tensioned Electric Screens from 92′ – 120″

We had an Epson 2030 in house we demoed and I even took it home to try out in our home theater, and it is packed full of options making it a really great little projector for the price!

Get this deal before its gone!

– M

Epson 5030 Home Cinema Projector

Brand new and almost upon us! The Epson 5030 brings some new features to the table.

There isn’t a lot of information out yet, but we do know that it is similar to the 5020 from last year, but as always, an upgrade 🙂

So far it looks to have double the contrast ratio at up to 600,000:1.  The Epson 5030 is also THX certified! Pretty cool stuff happening with Home Entertainment this fall 🙂 … in our house, THX certification means something, so we are excited.

More information will be available as the product release gets closer – but stay tuned, we are very excited about the Epson 5030 release, and hope you are too!

 – M