Epson 5030 Projector – In Stock!

Its a busy time of year for the home theater industry, but its always a big deal when new products come out and we can actually say YES we have that in stock! The Epson 5030 is the latest home theater projector to arrive and start flying out the door as well.

So why all the fuss?  You could read up on some recent reviews from our friends at Projector Reviews – and then start searching for some opinions from customers who received the first shipment a couple weeks ago.  Just remember that each year, a new home theater product comes out and is better then the previous model. This year is no exception to that.  The Epson 5030 has almost double the contrast ratio from the Epson 5020 and more lumens.  This year Epson also achieve a THX certification for the 5030 model!

What does that mean?  Well, any Star Wars fan out there know that THX was founded by George Lucas, and along with Tomlinson Holman, developed a set of specifications that have revolutionized the movie experience.

But what does it mean for you? …well in the simplest terms i can come up – it means having a projector like the Epson 5030 THX certified means that it meets some pretty high standards for bringing the theater home to you.

Epson 5030

Epson 5030

May the force be with you


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